Radlett Lawn Tennis & Squash Club

The Radlett Lawn Tennis and Squash Club
425 Watling Street
Radlett, Herts, WD7 7JG
Tel: 01923 854523  
Email: admin@rltsc.co.uk

Charity number: 1117605

Closed Club Tennis Leagues

  • The leagues will comprise 5 or 6 players.
  • Leagues will run for a period of 4/5 weeks. The leagues will commence when the leagues are emailed  out to everyone and put on the ‘Adult Tennis’ notice board, usually around the beginning of the month.
  • It is the responsibility of all players to make an effort to contact other players. For guidance, however, you should endeavour to make contact with the two people below you, i.e. player 1 contacts players 2 and 3, player 5 should contact players 1 and 2 etc.
  • Balls – The cost of balls will be shared between the players. The player not providing balls will offer compensation to the player providing the balls. A good standard of balls is expected.
  • The match format will be a pro-set (i.e. first to 8 games, winning by 2) with a regular tiebreak at 7-7. Games will be full games.
  • Box positions will be determined by the points accumulated. Points are awarded as follows:-
Match Score Points Awarded
8 - 0 20 - 4
8 - 1 19 - 5
8 - 2 18 - 6
8 - 3 17 - 7
8 - 4 16 - 8
8 - 5 15 - 9
8 - 6 14 - 10
8 - 7 13 - 11

  • At the end of the round, players will be promoted/relegated based on their placing in the group. The bottom one or two will be relegated and the top one or two will be promoted.

  • If a game is arranged between two players and one does not show up on the night and no effort has been made to forewarn the player of the need to cancel the game then the player turning up may either at his option claim 15 points The absent player will receive 0 points.

  • If a player plays no games he will have to reapply to join the leagues after serving a one month penalty, at the league officers discretion

  • If you have any queries, or are unable to play, injured, away on holiday or wish to skip a month, please email or call me early so that we do not have inactive leagues as this is unfair to the others.

  • Inevitably there will be exceptions to the rules. Where such situations arise the League Officer will have sole discretion. However, should any players have any grievances then initially contact should be made with the League Officer via email.
New players are always welcome.